Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum

Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum

Encourage Your Child's Natural Sense of Wonder and Curiosity! Learn through and with Nature.

This one-of-a-kind signature program is comprised of 21 cross-curricular nature-based themes designed to harness your preschooler's natural sense of wonder and curiosity for their world, give you an endless supply of activities to put together based on your child's interests, and encourage imaginative, playful interactions with nature to help your child develop a true love and appreciation for our Mother Earth.


In Your Natural Learner Curriculum, you and your Pre-K/Kindergarten child can dive into the most comprehensive and exciting activities designed for open-ended exploration, creativity, and high-quality learning with more than a year's worth of themes (21 total), to cover all of your child's growing interests!

You'll find...

  • Abundance of Activities - Inside are over 500 activities to help you structure nature-inspired learning that your child can do at their own pace, to encourage the most individualized learning environment for your child. Your Natural Learner Curriculum delivers 21 unique themes, with approximately 25 cross-curricular activities in each theme.

  • Cross-Curricular Resources - STEM & More! Get access to activities that span the content areas - Math, Reading, Science, Nature, Sensory Play, Art, Cooking, and more! Each theme also includes a literature lists to enhance and encourage an early love of reading, foster early literacy skills, and connect texts to your child's world.

  • Variety and Interesting Material - A wide variety of individual themes gives you the freedom to choose what best suits your child's current interests! Celebrate our marvelous world with your child as you work through the following themes provided in the curriculum: Arctic, Autumn, Birds, Bugs, Colors, Earth, Eggs, Flowers, Garden, Ice, Light, Ocean Life, Rainforest, Rocks, Space, Spring, Summer, Trees, Weather, and Winter, plus a bonus Christmas theme!

  • Support and Inspiration - All purchases come with access to a Facebook support group, where you, me, and lots of other families provide inspiration to follow your child's lead, encourage their own interests, and feel confident that you're teaching them meaningful material!

  • Professionally Designed - With two Masters of Education in Reading and Curriculum Writing, dual teaching certifications, educator awards, and (most importantly) being a natural learning homeschooling mom of two, this curriculum is designed by an author with the most specific professional and personal qualifications!

  • Accessible Downloads - This digital curriculum will be available for download as soon as you complete your purchase! No waiting for the mail- you'll have everything you need within minutes. The curriculum is broken down by individual themes inside the seasonal folders, making it easy and quick to access exactly the section that you are looking for!

CLICK HERE to watch a video sneak peek of one of the Pre-K/Kindergarten themes! 

Amazing "How To" Guide Included

You don't just get access to over 500 unique activities to do with your child - I also hook you up with a fantastic guide all about setting up your learning environment, engaging with your child, getting the most out of your nature exploration, extolling the benefits of nature play for children, learning when to lead yourself and when to let the child lead, a sample calendar for using the curriculum, and so much more!

 What Parents Have Said

"I started homeschooling Kindergarten this year, with the Your Natural Learner Curriculum and I was blown away at how easy Leah has made my introduction to homeschooling. I was apprehensive about my first year, but this super fun curriculum has resonated with both my ADHD son and myself. We have spent this first school year finding out passions through our explorations of nature and the world around us! This has been such an enjoyable experience that I can't wait for what next year brings!"

- Christina Anthis, Aromatherapist, Herbalist at The Hippy Homemaker, and Homeschool Mom

"This curriculum is amazing! It has everything I was looking for: nature based, divided into units, all hands on (no boring worksheets or workbooks!), encourages a child's natural curiosity and desire to learn, and covers all the subject areas! As a former kindergarten teacher who has seen first hand the detrimental effects of mainstream, public schooling I was determined to choose a different way of schooling for my child. I was not comfortable enough to go full on "unschooling" but this curriculum is a great compromise between the two extremes! It meets my needs for "structure" and having specific things to cover, but also meets her needs for engaging, hands on, real life learning. I can't recommend this program, and all that it comes with, enough!"

- Stacey Kinder Plasch, Doula, Former Teacher, Homeschooling Mom

"Because of this curriculum I have been inspired to make a greater commitment to living a life outside, something I have wanted for a long time, but finally have the inspiration I needed to actually do it. I have referred many people and all of them have been impressed with the great deal they got once they saw the quality and content that Leah offers."

- Mary Grove, Homeschooling Mom

"As the mother of a 2.5 year old with endless interests, I find it very helpful to have a great starting point for planning our days. We can go at our own pace and my daughter often spends over a month engrossed in one theme."

- Kaitlin Champie Akerley, Homeschooling Mom

Use the wonders of the natural world to teach your child with Your Natural Learner natural learning curriculum. 

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